Down Philadelphia FAQ

Q. Where is Down Philadelphia located?
A. 262 S. 15th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Q. What is Down Philadelphia’s contact information?
A. Phone number: 215-732-1681
Email address:

Q. What is the age restriction?
A. We are 21+ at all times.

Q. Which DJs have played at Down before?
A. Nomad, DJ Stampone, DJ Muve to name a few!

Q. Which kinds of music do the DJs play?
A. It is a mix of everything! Top 40, Hip Hop, Throwbacks, House/EDM, etc.

Q. Which time does Down get busy?
A. We start to get busy right when we open, make sure to arrive early!

Q. Which time do the DJs start to play?
A. 10:00 PM.

Q. When is Down open?
A. 9:00 PM-2:00 AM, Wednesday
10:00 PM-2:00 AM, Friday-Saturday.

Q. Is there a coat check?
A. Yes.

Q. Is there hookah? Are the booths free?
A. Booths are reserved with a purchase of bottle service, and we do not offer hookah.

Q. How do I book an event at Down?
A. Please email our Sales and Events Manager, Devon DiDomenico at or submit an event inquiry here.

Q. Where can I find more information about private events at Down Philadelphia?
For more information about parties and events at Howl at the Moon and Down Philadelphia, please check out our private events page.

Q. How do I reserve a table at Down?
A. Please email our Sales and Events Manager, Devon DiDomenico at or submit an event inquiry here.

Q. Where do we park?
A. You can park in any three garages surrounding Howl at the Moon. There is Latimer Garage, Spruce Street Garage (located right above Howl), and Academy House Garage where we offer 15% validation.

Q. Is there gratuity added to Table Reservations?
A. Yes, 20%.

Q. Do you offer military discounts?
A. We offer free cover with a military ID.

Q. Is Down Philadelphia wheelchair accessible?
A. Yes. We provide a wheelchair accessible entrance, restroom and seating.

Q. What are accepted forms of payment?
A. We accept cash, debit cards and the following credit cards: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard and VISA.

Q. Where can I leave a Google Review?
A. Leave a Google Review of Down Philadelphia here.

Q. Where can I find Down on Google Maps?
A. Please click here.

Q. Where can I find Down on Bing Maps?
A. Please click here.

Q. Is Down on social media?
A. Yes. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram and our Down Dimes Instagram.

Q. Are there hotels nearby?
A. Yes. Please click here for a list of hotel options.

Q. Are bags allowed inside the club?
A. Yes, any customer may bring any bag they would like. We will look inside, and depending on size, will ask them to leave it in the coat check.

Q. Is there a bottle service menu?
A. Yes, here is our menu.

Q. Is there a wheelchair accessible parking lot?
A. Yes. There is:

Academy Parking: 251 South 15th St. Philadelphia, PA 19102
Parkway: 1501 Spruce St. Philadelphia, PA 19102

Q. Does Down Philadelphia card for ID?
A. Yes.

Q. Which restaurants are near Down Philadelphia?
A. Restaurants near Down Philadelphia:
(0.07 mi) Estia
(0.06 mi) Good Dog
(0.07 mi) La Viola
(0.04 mi) Fado Irish Pub
(0.02 mi) Jose Pistolas

Q. Which attractions are near Down Philadelphia?
A. Attractions near Down Philadelphia:
(0.09 mi) Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
(0.1 mi) Academy of Music
(0.13 mi) Wilma Theater
(0.03 mi) Opera Philadelphia
(0.14 mi) St. Mark’s Church

Q. Where can I find more information about Howl at the Moon Philadelphia?
A. Please visit our website at

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